The Night's Dark Shade: A Novel of the Cathars by Elena Maria Vidal

Set amid the turmoil of the Albigensian Crusade in thirteenth century France, THE NIGHT'S DARK SHADE tells of heresy versus orthodoxy, and of forbidden love versus fidelity. Heiress of her father's estates in Auvergne, the orphaned Lady Raphaelle leaves her home to marry a nobleman in a remote castle in the Pyrenees. There she encounters the mysterious Cathar sect who challenge all of her most deeply held beliefs. As she seeks the path of her true calling, she discovers hatred and betrayal, as well as abiding friendship and unexpected love.

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"I am delighted with Maureen's work which she performed with promptness and perfection. I found her after many of my own failed efforts with Smashwords and engaging her skills was worth every penny. I plan to make use of her talents with future e-books." - Elena Maria Vidal, The Night's Dark Shade: A Novel of the Cathars