Ave Judas by Cassian Brown

The second coming was never meant to be like this ... It is the year of our Lord 2449. The Pope believes he has just forty-four days to avert a galactic Armageddon by discrediting anew the most reviled man in history. Owen Stonehaven is leading the strangest of lives. As a child, his mother gives him to a huge and fierce rat kangaroo; as an adult, the Church has him shut into a derelict and lightless spaceship. Freed, he returns to his home planet, a surreal place that is roamed by lizards of barely imaginable size, towering thunderbirds and ferocious marsupial lions — for on New Yamba a master cloner has been at work re-creating the megafauna of Australia’s past.

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"Production of my two ebooks could not have run more smoothly - again outsourcing has proved to be the best strategy. And what a pleasure to deal with someone who clearly reads the briefs and requests emailed to her very carefully." - SF author Cassian Brown, Ave Judas, Baxter Mariah