Therapy at Lightning Speed by Dr. Rachel Aarons

Therapy at Lightning Speed offers an in-depth look at how EMDR,an exciting new therapy, helps clients transform their lives more rapidly than was ever thought possible. Using transcripts of actual therapy sessions, Therapy at Lightning Speed gives you a firsthand experience of how Dr. Rachel Aarons helps clients release destructive attitudes and behavior patterns to move forward in their lives.

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"By the time I got to the stage of ebook conversion, I was exhausted and overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with a digital process that was completely baffling to me. Maureen 'held my hand' through each step. She answered all my questions quickly and in terms I could understand. My book was successfully uploaded to the Smashwords Premium Catalogue the first time and to Amazon Kindle without a hitch. I decided I would definitely use her again for my next ebook conversion." - Rachel Aarons, Therapy at Lightning Speed: Case Studies of EMDR