Misstep by Mary Fachman

Misstep by Mary Fachman
When Trish marries Thomas,she gets his son too. Quicker than you can say blended family, Sunny, the biomom, tightens her stranglehold on the family. Trish scuffles with Sunny over everything from haircuts to homework and bed times to boundaries. From one misstep to another, Trish takes a wild ride on the custody carousel and discovers the only thing harder than raising her own kid is raising Sunny's.

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"Maureen Cutajar has been an amazing partner in the e-publishing process! She is prompt, professional and helps through every step of the way. She answered every question I had and did a fabulous job on my book. I highly recommend her to all authors for the great work she does!" - Mary Fachman, Misstep

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