Journey to Home: Quintessential Therapy and Beyond by Dr. Rachel Aarons

Journey to Home unlocks the mystery of what goes on behind the closed doors of therapists' offices. It reveals the underlying principles of all schools of therapy, regardless of their methodology and gives an in-depth answer to the question: what makes therapy effective? In moving from the abstract and theoretical to the poignantly personal, it speaks to the mind, heart and soul of each reader.

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"My great experience with Maureen on my first ebook conversion was repeated—as I had hoped—on my second ebook conversion. I really appreciate how prompt and responsive she is to questions and problems. I relied on her knowledge and expertise to guide me through the intricacies of the process which is unique to each book. Her patience is remarkable. If I have yet another book in me, I would certainly use her services again. She is my publishing ally across the globe." —Rachel Aarons, Journey to Home: Quintessential Therapy and Beyond