Flowers from Iraq by Sunny Alexander

Flowers from Iraq follows Kathleen Moore on her journey through childhood abuse, a lifetime of secrets and locked closet doors. Old comics found in a musty basement and a discarded copy of Alice in Wonderland, become her map to a world of fantasies. From foster child living in Boston, to closeted Army physician wounded while serving in Iraq to family doctor in the rural town of Canfield, whatever her role and wherever her journey takes her, she never travels alone. Kathleen meets and falls in love with Claire Hollander, a free-spirited adventurer and storyteller who will challenge Kathleen to unlock the secret doors to her past.

A tale of opposites colliding and then reuniting, Flowers from Iraq balances humor and tragedy, the landscape of battle and the interior of the human mind. A drama that takes place during our own time of war, the story is a compelling reminder of the healing that comes through love and the human connection.

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"Maureen was perfect in every sense of the word. Her editing discovered many errors that made the difference between a 'book' and a professionally edited novel. She then proceeded to format my novel, taking the time to help me choose the best interior for the subject matter. Everything was delivered as promised and the uploading of my novel to Amazon, Kindle and Smashwords went smoothly."