A Rude Awakening by Harold Myers

Mark Spencer was a successful executive and wakes one day to find a mysterious spot on his arm. He discusses his problem several times over a period of months with his doctor and he accepts the diagnoses provided by his doctor. However, things get worse and he eventually gets to see another doctor whose diagnoses leads to anxiety, pain and suffering. Because of the initial misdiagnoses, he files a malpractice lawsuit and it takes the sharp mind of a legal investigator to find the truth. Through many twists and turns the case evolves as it moves its way through the legal and medical professions unearthing life threatening events for not only Mark Spencer but others as well.

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I really appreciate the work Maureen did for me. I can write okay but when it comes to formatting or ebook conversions, I am lost. Maureen's service was very professional, quick and accurate. She always answered my questions in a timely manner and successfully guided me into the publishing world. My heartfelt thanks and when the next book gels, I will be sure to use your services again. 
—Harold Myers, A Rude Awakening