Julie-Ann's Journey by William Panzarella

In 2007, what became known as “The Great Recession” began. As the unemployment and foreclosure rates skyrocketed countless people lost their jobs and homes. All across America people were suffering. By 2011 the country was still trying to recover. But twenty-five-year-old Julie-Ann Crown never felt the pinch. Her father was the CEO of a major financial firm and thanks to the Wall Street bailouts, his company managed to weather the storm. Wrapped in a bubble of limousines, private jets, penthouses, and Monopoly money, Julie-Ann was isolated from the hardships the rest of the country had to endure. But after a personal incident, Julie-Ann takes stock of her young life and decides to travel across America to see how the other half lives. The people she meets along her journey will forever change the way she sees the world. She will learn the true meanings of both adversity and resilience and that the backbone of the United States does not reside on Wall Street or in Washington D.C., but rather across the vast heartland of America.

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