Kingdom of the Snark: The Quest for the Sword by Melanie Hatfield

Renee the Righteous is a young Quester who must find the long-lost Sword of Power to save her people. When at last she thinks her quest for the sword is at an end, she discovers a catch: it takes two people to claim the blade, not one, so she needs a Questing Partner for help. Too bad Renee never bothered to make any friends on her journey, and she has to put her trust in a stranger. She thinks she has found the perfect Questing Partner in Guy Smokes, a hapless Assistant Barkeep always willing to help anyone with heaving bosoms. However, Guy might just change his mind after they are attacked by lustful nun assassins and lethal men in green cloaks. Will Renee be able to claim the Sword of Power, or will she and her Questing Partner be slain instead?

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Maureen is awesome! I hired her to convert my novel for Smashwords and Amazon. Not only is she fast, she formatted my manuscript so that my eBook looked perfect. I’ve had a huge grin on my face ever since I got my digital formatted copies from her. I don’t know how Maureen does it, but she is magical. I will continue to use her for my future work for sure.