Mother's Worry by Jeff Alphin & Jane Brettschneider

An irresponsible housesitter turns his vacationing mother's home into a B&B for a pair of international thugs. She returns to find the body of her ex in the mudroom with enough circumstantial evidence to make her suspect number one. Ignatius J. Reilly fist bumps Jim Thompson in this not-so-heartwarming tale of debt collection, manhunt, and the worst Mother's Day ever.

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This was our first adventure in e-publishing so of course we were confused and skittish about getting our manuscript converted for all those formats. Not necessary. Maureen prepared our manuscript for Kindle & Smashwords Premium Catalog at a very reasonable price, and was just lovely to work with. We look forward to next time. 
—Jeff Alphin & Jane Brettschneider, Mother's Worry