Pan by David McThomas

Named after a character in one of the book's four stories, Pan consists of:

A Ball Rolling- a diminutive, sensitive, frail, but gifted, obsessive compulsive travels to Central Florida to help Oscar and Mabel Calhoun find their missing son.

Determination- Jeremiah Brandenson is going about handling the affairs of his brother's death when he comes to the realization that his own life is void of meaning and joy.

Rocket- a macaw with a rich history touches the lives of his owners and charms his way into their hearts.

Without Its Finish, Before I Slept- a young man's love letter written over three decades ago examines a year or more of wasted youth and its grasps for maturity over immaturity.

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Writing is tough enough. And when you finally finish a story, you fiddle with it. After all that I just couldn't bring myself to learn how to format the damn thing. Thank you for your professionalism, your timeliness, and your positive attitude. You made it so easy. You charge a very fair price and I am sure I will utilize your great services again. 
—David McThomas, Pan