Practicing Pagan by Faie Bell

There’s always been something different about Ro. It’s the secret she's kept as long as she can remember. Now she’s sharing more than magic with her new Sydney friends until she meets Nathanial and everything changes. He’s intoxicating but Nathanial is not what he seems. Suddenly she’s fighting for her life. Friend or lover, it’s time to choose as a mystery unfolds that is centuries old.

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Maureen Cutajar is the only name you need to know if you want to publish online! Maureen gave me advice on where to publish, extra pages to include with the manuscript, and she laid the book out so well that it slipped effortlessly onto the premium list for Smashwords. Her instructions for uploading the book (which come with her formatting service at no extra charge) were so simple and straightforward that I was able to upload in an hour to the main sites. If you are trying to work out whether to attempt the formatting yourself, take my advice and save yourself hours of frustration and a substandard product. Send Maureen an email right now. It’s an investment in quality and peace of mind!
—Faie Bell, Practicing Pagan