The War Of Heaven And Earth by Jevon E. Thompson

The Earth has become a Hellish dark place and all hangs in the balance as the Dark Lords Baal, Lucifer and Saat Ahn, are claiming victory over Earth. They claim their right to rule the Earth and her people who have, by their actions, chosen the dark over the light. In a last ditch effort, Archangel Gabri El, Jesus and Master Ka El call for volunteers to be born into the Earth legally, through the womb of woman and through the veil of forgetfulness to battle darkness and raise Earth's light. This is according to the "Law of Noninterference," unlike the Dark Lords and their minions who possess and manipulate humankind.

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I loved working with Maureen. Clean, fast and efficient. I put a tremendous amount of love and hard work into my book The War Of Heaven And Earth and I felt that she did no less! What a great teammate! See you as soon as I finish the sequel.
—Jevon E. Thompson, The War of Heaven and Earth