Distracted Living by Eileen Lynch

The last thing Cilla Perkins wants to do is lead a 12-step program on distracted driving. After all, the cell phone is her lifeline to clients and friends and her favorite invention since the eyelash curler. If only she hadn’t been texting when she ran into a taxi on the Michigan Avenue bridge and ended up on Breaking News. The judge finds her guilty and orders her to teach others about electronic etiquette. Initially she finds it hard to practice what she preaches, but as she unplugs, she finds a vibrant city outside her earphones, a city she helps to heal when a beloved sports figure succumbs to distracted driving. While teaching she meets a man who rarely fails to infuriate and confound her. The push and pull of their relationship is reflected in their attitude to their cell phones, “That’s the difference between us, Al. You think cell phones are an interruption to life; I think they are life.”

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