Lady Farquhar's Butterfly by Beverley Eikli

Falsely accused of infidelity, Lady Olivia embarks upon a grand charade to reclaim her young son, now in the care of her late husband’s cousin, Max Atherton. To Olivia's dismay, kind and honourable Max is everything her brutal dead husband, Lucien, was not. How can Olivia accept Max’s marriage proposal when her secrets are far greater than her false identity, and in fact threaten Max’s own interests? Only when Olivia finds herself in the clutches of a blackmailer prepared to kill her for the information she holds does she realise the butterfly-shaped mark on her left breast is more than just a reminder of Lucien’s sadism. And unless Max learns the truth in time, Olivia will become what Lucien willed from the grave: a dead woman.

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