Scenic Seattle by Joe Becker

Scenic Seattle is a photographic guidebook designed to help photographers and others easily find all the special Seattle views. The book contains descriptions and directions to over 80 places to photograph in the city with specific advice on how to capture the best shots. Areas covered include Pike Place Market, Seattle Center, the waterfront, Chinatown, West Seattle, and many more.

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I was a novice to ebooks and not sure how to proceed with the formatting. Maureen was a godsend leading me through the process. My book is full of images, and Maureen, unlike some other formatters I contacted, wasn't afraid to take it on. She quickly finished the formatting, cheerfully went through several rounds of revisions, and without fail answered all my questions, as well as gave advice on how to post the book at Smashwords and Amazon. She provides an amazing service at a very reasonable price. 
Joe Becker, Scenic Seattle