Stalking The Shadows by BJ Edwards

Stone Age Britain: the land is changing, the climate harsh. Mankind teeters on the brink of existence. Driven by fear, desperation and starvation, the Chief’s son, Dimek, abandons his tribe, leading his men in search of a new land and new gods.

A stirring tale of treachery and faith, hope and loyalty, battle and magic, and the quest for knowledge and reason.

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After many years of dealing with “traditional” book publishers I decided to bring my work to the e-book market. This seemed a daunting task, what with the complexities and vagaries of formatting to the exacting industry standards. I was absolutely delighted to find Maureen. She is both professional, friendly, able and organised. She absolutely delivered what I asked for, in the agreed time scale and at a very reasonable rate. Not only did she produce the files to excellent standards, but she was there to answer questions long after she was paid. I heartily recommend Maureen to anyone who wants the hard work and stress eliminated from e-book formatting.
—BJ Edwards, Stalking the Shadows