Widowmaker by William McClintock

Arizona Territory, 1881. Their story runs snaky and smooth through the movie projector of the mind… A drifter and gambler with a burden of fame as a gunfighter and lawman in the Kansas cowtowns... A woman as renowned for her beauty as for her skill with the pasteboards, but a lady who has drawn a dark veil over her past... Their coming together is the stuff of stories and gossip, and in the end, legend, for when she is left dead by a wolfpack of thieves and killers, the retribution is relentless, bloody, and ultimately grimly poetic.

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My novel was laden with graphics and italics and sometimes odd paragraph structures, and Maureen formatted it exquisitely. Just a beautiful job. In addition, she was so very sweet and responsive. I hope she plans on doing this for a long time because I plan on using her again and again. 
William E. McClintock, Widowmaker