Interior Layout and Book Formatting Services

My book formatting and layout services are designed to assist authors and small publishers in transforming their manuscripts to professionally formatted books ready for print-on-demand publication.

When commissioning my book formatting services, I will send you a sample layout of the first chapter for your review and approval. You will then receive a print-ready PDF created with Adobe Acrobat Professional (ISO 15930-1:2001: PDF/X-1a:2001) for submission to Lightning Source, IngramSpark, Lulu, Amazon KDP (formerly CreateSpace) and others.

You may use the payment options below to begin your book formatting project. I will contact you within 24 hours of making the purchase.

Should you wish to discuss your book formatting requirements before ordering feel free to contact me.

Fiction Book Layout

Fiction books only (or memoirs) that consist of standard straight narrative including author’s photo and/or publisher logo. A choice of five pre-defined templates will be provided for your book layout. The basic print layout does not include images, tables, graphs, lists, subheadings, poetry, footnotes, etc.

Price: $120

Custom Book Layout

Fiction books only. A custom print layout includes the basic book layout along with custom-designed chapter headings, fonts, title page, headers, page numbers, etc. that are tailored for your book. It also includes optional drop caps and fleurons. A sample layout will be sent for your review and approval.

Price: $150

I discovered Maureen's website by Googling 'professional ebook formatting services' and that was exactly what I found with GoPublished. This was my first experience with self-publishing and not only did Maureen make the experience painless, she did a wonderful job. She scheduled me in quick, worked with me to get the book exactly the way I wanted it, and within two weeks Cicada Spring was available for print and download on Amazon.The quality of work she produces is easily on par with any book you would pull off the shelves of a bookstore, especially considering the very fair prices she charges. I absolutely plan on using GoPublished again with any future projects.

– Christian Galacar

Nonfiction Book Layout

Nonfiction books that consist of subheadings, lists, block quotes, poetry, limited number of images, footnotes or endnotes. The standard print layout does not include tables, charts, text boxes or any other components that require more complex formatting.

Price: $180

Complex Nonfiction Book Layout

Nonfiction books that consist of multi-level subheadings, several images, footnotes or endnotes, tables, graphs, charts, text boxes, etc. Please request a quote if your book is more complex in structure and if it exceeds 30 images/charts/graphs/textboxes.

Price: $320