Proofreading and Basic Copyediting

My proofreading services will assist you in polishing your manuscript before publishing your book. I will review your manuscript and make corrections to your document using track changes in Microsoft Word. The edited document will be sent back to you by email for your review and approval.

My editing services include:

Grammar: Subject-Verb agreement, incorrect verb tenses and sentence structure are checked to ensure clarity in your manuscript.

Spelling: Spelling is checked thoroughly. Most commonly confused words found in manuscripts include the following: forward instead of foreword, then instead of than, it’s instead of its, loose instead of lose, were instead of where, their instead of there... etc.

Punctuation: Commas, periods, quotation marks, paragraph breaks, and ellipses are all checked to ensure that they are used correctly and consistently.

Consistency: Manuscript is checked to ensure that character names remain the same throughout the book, chapter titles are listed consistently and in chronological order, and that the Contents page accurately reflects the contents of the book.

Price: $50 per 10,000 words ($0.005 per word)