Nan W. Cappo

I found Maureen via the Smashwords list, and it was a lucky day for me. I purchased the “Bundle Offer,” which gave me files for Ingram (hardback & softcover), Createspace (softcover), Kindle (mobi), Smashwords, and an ePub file for everywhere else. It was a challenge keeping the steps straight and in sequence for all those formats, plus working with a cover designer, and Maureen was very helpful suggesting when to do what. The files came back looking beautiful, and the errors I found in the printed proof were not hers, they were ones I had missed in my original manuscript. For $30 she fixed 30+ “author errors”—a bargain. Now my book looks great at first glance and throughout. She’s been prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable in answering my questions and meeting timeframes. This was my second indie book (I formatted the other one myself, with much anguish), and using an expert like Maureen was by far the better way. I think I’d have produced something presentable eventually, but the time and tears weren’t worth it. My husband’s glad I found Maureen, too.