eBook Formatting Services

eBook Formatting for Smashwords

Many of my clients have found me on "Mark's List" as a Smashwords eBook formatter. I have formatted over four thousand books for Smashwords authors who wanted a professional eBook and guaranteed inclusion in the Premium Catalog. I provide my formatting services according to Smashwords guidelines and format standard books for $50.

ePub and Kindle Formats

I also provide eBook formatting and conversion to ePub and Kindle formats for those who want to publish and distribute their eBooks via other channels (including Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, etc.). Smashwords is now also accepting ePub files. Read about Smashwords Direct here.

ePub and Kindle (.mobi) formats start from $100. Books that have more complicated formatting, tables, and several footnotes/endnotes may cost more. The fee also includes a FREE Smashwords formatted document.


+$25Add drop caps and/or fleurons to your ePub and Kindle formats.
+$50Conversion and clean-up from PDF files.
+$25 For up to 30 illustrations/tables/graphs. More than 30 illustrations are charged at $1 per illustration.
Note: My standard rates include the first 5 illustrations at no additional charge.

Bundle Offer

The special bundle offer is offered for fiction projects and includes your eBook in Kindle and ePub formats, a Smashwords-ready version, and a print-ready PDF. All with custom-designed chapter headings, drop caps, and fleurons. The bundle pack starts at only $200.

Methods of Payment

You may use the Payment Button below to purchase my eBook formatting and conversion services. Before proceeding to payment please contact me so that I can provide you with a firm quote.

Interested in print-ready files to publish your book in print? Information and rates about my book formatting and layout services for Lightning Source, IngramSpark, CreateSpace and Lulu can be found here.

Editing your own work is not an easy task. If you need another set of eyes to read your book, check out my editing services here.
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